So glad to be back!

So glad to be back after a while! With busy work schedules I have not updated/written a blog for a while, and it was also bit laziness, I must admit. But last week a newly acquired friend commented and encouraged (thank you for that push) to write..

Sangeeta and I moved to a new church and have been fellowshiping with this new Church family for last three years. It is such a wonderful blessing to see these new friends shower their love, warmth and care over you; and always makes you feel that we are part of their lives. Isn’t that the love that our Lord Christ Jesus talked about?

Family after family is willing to open their hearts, homes to us and express their love and warmth. We are so touched and blessed by such a wonderful Church family.

It’s so thrilling to see as we too open our hearts to these friends, they begin to impact our lives and the thread of love keeps weaving our lives together. During one such evening  with one of the friends, in a discussion, we all realized that they know a missionary family that I knew from my growing up days in Miraj, India. This family and our missionary friends served in Cameroon together as missionaries. What a great connection and all that nostalgia that followed it!

Well, friends; your tangible love has spoken! Sangeeta and I thank the Almighty God, our father for each one of you.

I will be back sooner than last pause! So much to write and update. God Be with you all.


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