Semper Fi

We just returned from our trip to MCRD Parris Island SC where our son, Simeon graduated as a US Marine after a 13 week long, strenuous, difficult basic training! We are truly proud of him for what he achieved in this. We kept hearing this phrase “Semper Fi”as we were getting acclimated as a new marine family. As we understood the meaning of that phrase, it continued to be one of our favorite. Always faithful!

Isn’t it amazing to know that Simeon and these new marines will be always faithful to their country, to each other and their families! Some of these will also be faithful to Lord God, our maker! That’s a virtue that we do not find very easily these days! This virtue makes you aware of the needs of others, makes you respect and honor others.

2014-10-30 12.19.01

What we saw in our brief two-day visit there is they “literally” make marines as that sign says! They take these young, raw kids and make them into well trained warriors who value, honor,and respect God, Country and Corps! We see that now in Simeon, and noticed in many others whom we met in those two days!

I wish we all could say and be Semper Fi to each other, to our spouses, families, church families and express honor, love and respect!

God bless

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